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Uncapped Wireless - Business

Uncapped Wireless with FUP BUSINESS

Designed for those budget conscious businesses that still want unrestricted super-fast access to the internet. You get no shaping or throttling of your service until you reach a generous Fair Use Policy. This is determined by a set amount of data per month. After that you can still surf the net, but the speed is reduced. This service includes our 1:10 contention ratio and our business class service level agreement (SLA).

  • 4 Mbit/s
  • R3223p/m
  • UNCAPPED Upload 4 Mbit/s FUP after 200 GB | 2 Mbit/s
  • 6 Mbit/s
  • R4534p/m
  • UNCAPPED Upload 6 Mbit/s FUP after 300 GB | 3 Mbit/s
  • 10 Mbit/s
  • R5609p/m
  • UNCAPPED Upload 10 Mbit/s FUP after 500 GB | 5 Mbit/s
  • 15 Mbit/s
  • R8232p/m
  • UNCAPPED Upload 15 Mbit/s FUP after 750 GB | 7.5 Mbit/s

R 3500 Once-Off

The installation costs R 3500


24-Month packages can be changed to month-to-month upon contact with our sales team


  • Acceptable Use Policy applies to uncapped packages *
  • 1:4 contention ratio applies to Business uncapped packages *
  • Upload speeds are same as download speed (Symmetrical line)

*Where Available

All prices include 15% VAT


Added Value

  • Priority Service for your business
  • 1:4 contention ratio opposed to 1:10 for capped wireless
  • Symmetrical line to ensure your business runs smoothly
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