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What to do with your current router?

Not to worry, we have just the right product for you.
We are happy to offer a SIM Only option that will work with your current router.

*Coverage dependent – see the Rain coverage map

  • LTE 25 GB
  • R299 p/m
  • DATA: 25 GB
  • LTE Basic
  • R549 p/m
  • DATA: 55 GB
  • LTE Advanced
  • R799 p/m
  • DATA: 85 GB
  • LTE Ultimate
  • R999 p/m
  • DATA: 120 GB
  • LTE 220 GB
  • R1349 p/m
  • DATA: 220 GB
  • LTE 330 GB
  • R1599 p/m
  • DATA: 330 GB

No Bill Shock

Hard Cap with low cost data top-ups available

Contract Period

Month to Month

Approved Routers

The SIM packages are only compatible with the routers listed below:

  • Huawei B315 (32 Max)
  • Huawei B618 (64 Max)
  •  Huawei B2338 (16 Max)
  • ZTE MF238 (32 Max)
  • ZTE MF283+ (32 Max)
  • ZTE MF286 (64 Max)
  • MR200 (64 Max)

T’s & C’s

We cannot guarantee a best effort service if you insert your SIMs into a non-compatible router.

Delivery Fee: The cost to deliver the SIM Only package is R160 (excluding VAT)

Top up pricing

At any point in time during, the customer will have access to purchase the following Data Bundles:

Bundle Price incl VAT
1 GB R35
2 GB R59
3 GB R80
5 GB R115
10 GB R205
20 GB R345

Important Notes

  • Should you reach your monthly cap, you will be routed to a user friendly page where you can check usage and top up
  • The Ad Hoc Data bundles are valid for 30 days
  • These package were designed with a hard cap therefore no out of bundle rates apply and this ensures that customer’s do not receive a bill shock resulting in a bad customer experience.
  • Should the monthly inclusive data not be sufficient, ad hoc Data bundles can be purchased
  • To ensure agility these packages will be available on a month to month basis also allowing subscribers to upgrade and downgrade the package from month to month
  • LTE-A is a best effort service where speeds are not guaranteed by the network provider. Technical support is also only available between 8am – 5pm on this product
If you prefer an uncapped option, click here to have a look at our wireless uncapped packages.
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